Friday, June 24, 2016

Google Adwords PPC Ads: Extended Ads


Google's initial announcement and change to PPC ads in March 2016 removed the right rail of ads from search engine results and increased the amount of ads in the top position to 4. We saw an increase in cost as more people competed for the top 4 positions of search engine results.

Another announcement was made during the Google Performance Summit In June 2016. It was announced that PPC ads will increase in size.  Here is how the PPC ads will change later this year:


Figure 1: Extended Ads Explained



What should you do to prepare for this change?

In the next few month you should start writing extended ads to be ready for the switch over. You want to take full advantage of this change as extended ads means more ad real estate. More ad real estate will mean higher Click-Through Rates and ultimately lower Cost Per Click.


Does this affect all devices?

For now we anticipate that the extended ads will be for desktop only. Mobile ads already have a different ad type as advertisers are already able to customize mobile PPC ads to mobile devices.


Tablet Modifier TBD

It is also worth mentioning that Google will be allowing marketers to make bid changes to tablet devices. In the past advertisers had to lump in tablet bids with desktop bids. Now advertisers will have the freedom to pick a percentage of the primary desktop bid and increase or decrease bids on both Mobile and Tablet.

Figure 2: Mobile and Tablet Modifier



The mobile modifier is available to be set to -100%, which means ads are not shown to mobile devices, all the way up to +300%. +300% would raise a $1 bid $4.


Bing Ads to Follow Suit

It was announced last week that Bing Ads will support the new Google extended Ads. Here is what the Bing PPC interface will look like with extended ads:


Figure 3: Bing Interface with Extended Ads



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