Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bing Ads Discontinues Content Ads

Starting August 1, 2015 Bing Ads will no longer serve Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and partner websites. They will, however, continue to serve them in apps for Windows Phone and Windows in the U.S. market.

What are Content Ads?
Content Ads are text ads shown next to relevant content on Microsoft and Yahoo websites, across partner sites and in apps for Windows Phone and Windows.

Why the change?
Discontinuing Content Ads on websites is part of a constant effort to improve supply and deliver great results for our customers. According to Bing Ads.

How does this affect you?
If you are running Content Ads, you may experience a drop in clicks and spend in your Bing Ads campaigns. Content Ads represent less than 2% of the total network traffic available through Bing Ads, and most customers should see little to no impact to the overall clicks and spend in their Bing Ads campaigns.