Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is It! Yahoo & Bing: Not Michael Jackson Though

Here is a letter received yesterday concerning the migration of Yahoo! Search Marketing to the MSN Adcenter interface. The word on the street is that this transition will begin in September or October 2010.

Dear Advertiser,

As part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, you’ll soon be able to reach potential customers using Yahoo! Search, Bing, and other partner sites with the convenience of one account. To do so, you’ll transition from using your Yahoo! Search Marketing account to an account with Microsoft Advertising adCenter.

This email kicks off a series filled with tips and advice designed to help you prepare for this transition. We strongly recommend that you follow the provided guidance to help make your transition experience smooth and to get your ads live within adCenter as quickly as possible.

Make some changes now
You can start editing your Yahoo! ad copy now so it will be ready to meet adCenter’s length guidelines.

• Shorten ad titles and descriptions — While Yahoo! has a 40 character title limit, ad titles in adCenter may be no more than 25 characters. In addition, Yahoo! ad descriptions may be up to 71 characters, versus 70 characters with adCenter. To prevent your ads from being truncated in a way that may cause them to read improperly, or be ineligible for display, please revise your ad text now. Doing so now also gives you plenty of time to test ad copy variations within the new character limits.

Prepare now for changes to apply later
There are important differences in keyword mapping and bid requirements that you should prepare for now to be able to apply to your adCenter account after the transition. Learn more about expanding your keyword lists and checking your bids.

Stay informed about the transition. In a few weeks you’ll receive the next email in this series. In the meantime, please visit the following resources:

Transition Center — The Yahoo! Transition Center includes articles and downloadable materials designed to help Yahoo! advertisers learn more about their transition to adCenter.

YSM Blog — The Yahoo! Search Marketing blog will make regular posts about the transition.

Until the transition is complete, please remember that you'll still want to continue to manage your Yahoo! Search Marketing account to maximize your Yahoo! network traffic. Our goal is to provide a quality transition experience for advertisers in the U.S. and Canada in 2010 while protecting the all-important holiday season. If we feel that it would improve the overall experience, we may defer the transition to 2011. If this should happen, we will keep you updated. We appreciate your business and look forward to bringing you the benefits of the search alliance.

Your Partners at Yahoo!

The fun has just begun! Oh and by the way, Yahoo! will be buying back 3 billion in stock so get your pocket books out and get ready to make some serious money on your Yahoo! stock.