Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Local Businesses Can Prosper with Local Marketing

Competition is fierce for local businesses. 3 out of 4 businesses fail each year. Be one of the businesses that succeeds with these 6 steps.

1. Make sure your information is 100% accurate across the Internet. With over 300 local directories it is important to make sure your name, address, phone, and website are accurate wherever your customers may look.

2. Have a mobile friendly website. More than 50% of users search the web using their mobile device. Most of the time they are looking for business information while on the go. Make sure to supply all your business information on your mobile website so they can map  directions to your business or call you for a reservation.

3. Social Media is key to local business success. Have your social media profile buttons at the top of your website in plain view for users to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Pinterest. Make sure you are posting at least once a week with informative and relevant information. Try posting a video of your business or customer testimonial, a picture of a new item on the menu or a blog article about a local event in your area.

4. Positive Reviews! It is paramount that you get customer testimonials in the form of positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google+ and other review websites. Positive reviews help Google understand the quality of the business and its popularity. If you do happen to get negative reviews respond right away.

5. Build your links. The most valuable links to a local business is local links. Google understands the geographic implications of a link and will offer more local search value to a local business that gets local links.

6. Get active in your online community. Write blogs or other articles and be active in social communities where you can create a reputation as a trusted expert. Create videos, post infographics and build your reputation on the Internet.

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