Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Google+ for Local Businesses

Google+ is Google's answer to Social Networking. A social network that informs real-time search, personalized search, and web search. How can a local business use Google+?

The +1
A metric that used to show on Google search results as an ad extension. A +1 from a person in your network is a signal like external linking to another website. Similar to a "Like" on Facebook, it is an indication that you want your network to see this search result.

Build out Your Network of Circles
Circle other local businesses in your area, local online journalists and others you would like to share with in your local area. Name your Circles appropriately with keyword themes, this will be similar to link anchor text.

Optimize your Personal Page
Google+ profile pages are the center of  activity and content for users. A complete profile offers more opportunities to be seen and to show others that you are relevant to other's network. Use keywords in your profile, reasonably. Add photos to make a visual first impression. Enhance your description with credentials.

Link to Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Profiles
The more connected your social media presence the more value will be ultimately passed to your search results.

Add Location for Geo-Relevancy
Adding your geographic location makes your profile more relevant to local interactions.

Add your store location or brand as a Brand or Product Page
Everything we talked about previously can be used to optimize your brand or product page.

Comparison to SEO Algorithm Factors:
1) Freshness and increased activity of a Google+ account is what passes the value to your Website.
2) External Links = People who have circled you, +1s, or shares
3) Keyword Anchor Text = Text used to describe circle
4) Link Quality and Authority = Authority of people and companies you are connected to

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