Monday, November 23, 2015

Linkedin For Local Businesses

Linkedin is another great social media website to interact with your companies audience and great value for your company website. Here are a few ways to improve your Linkedin Profiles and get the most out of them.

The Company Profile

Make sure to create a profile for your company and add a URL to increase the amount of links to your website. Also share updates on your blog or directly on Linkedin. Like Facebook, you can add updates to your company profile. I like to upload blog articles.

The Employees Profile

Every employee should create a profile on Linkedin and link their profile to the company profile. The more attention given to each profile the more value will pass on to the company website.

Linkedin Connections

Get connected with other business owners in your geographic area. Get active in your city and make friends. The more connections you make the more value your profile holds to pass on value to your company website.

Linkedin Groups

You have thousands of groups to choose from. Pick 40+ groups that are relevant to your company. You will be able to become connections with anyone in the group once accepted.

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