Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top 10 Twitter Tools for Local Marketers

Want to know how to take advantage of Twitter? Tired of just tweeting to the world wide web and hoping someone is listening? Here are 10 tools that will help you gain followers so your Tweets are heard.

SocialBro - The plan comes with analytics, best time to tweet, follow/unfollow tools, and community segmentation. Uncover and track the quality of your audience, understand crossover between communities, and combine content with relationship analysis. It also helps you track ROI for paid and earned media.

SocialRank - Receive a sorted list of your best followers, most influential followers, and most engaged followers. Useful to track the important people to engage with on Twitter. The easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Bluenod - Find influencers quickly, export data and get more insights on hastags, target topic-related communities, and connect with key influencers to share your best content.

Crowdfire - Prune your list of those you follow by seeing who follows you back, who’s recently unfollowed you, and who’s inactive. For use with Twitter and Instagram.

Manageflitter - Follow/Unfollow in Bulk. Segment your followers according to a number of factors: last tweet, follower count, location, language and whether or not they follow you back.

Rite Tag - Plug in a hashtag and see feedback on the tag’s reach and popularity. Also get suggestions for some alternatives to try.

Warble - Get an email whenever someone shares from your website—even if they don’t mention your username or if they use a link shortener. Warble also alerts you to full keyword, mention, and hashtags. Warble is free to use and integrates directly with Twitter.

Search Marketing City Platform - Post and schedule tweets. Get leads from tweets that match a keyword and are within a radius of your location. Plus, get email alerts when your account receives a tweet, retweet or share. Try it free for 30 Days.

TwitterFeed - allows you to add RSS feeds (yours and others) to be shared automatically through your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts each time there is a new update to them.

WeFollow - One of many Twitter directories that can add value to your twitter account. Just like Google likes links, twitter directories help link to your Twitter account that links back to your website.

Know of any other great Twitter tools? Post them to the comments and share with everyone.

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