Thursday, October 8, 2015

Target Location In AdWords Ad Customizers To Show Promo Ads

Want another way to reach your customers as they drive by your store? With a new update to ad customizers, you can now dynamically tailor ads based on a person’s physical location when they search. This update is very similar to Foursquare and how it renders promotions on mapping software.

Add location-specific information in your ad customizer spreadsheets to show accurate store inventory, store hours, location information, shipping times, and highlight discounts, promotions and events in your Google Adwords ad copy.

The “Target_location” field in the spreadsheet will inform when the attribute is used. In an example showing a Concord location having a sale on the TaylorMade Golf Clubs, the customizers spreadsheet would look something like this:

Using the Brand and Sale attributes in the ad, the ad text would look like this:

{=TaylorMade.Brand} Golf Clubs
Find the right golf clubs for you!

Then when a user in Colorado searches for “TaylorMade in Concord,” they would see an ad like this:

TaylorMade Golf Clubs
10% off in our Concord store.
Find the right golf clubs for you!

Now you can advertise a sale or special on your menu to get more customers into your doors using Google Adwords.

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