Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pinterest for Local Businesses

Pinterest is a visual social medium for users to share photos, videos and inspiration with the world. You can follow friends or companies. You can pin anything that you can think of.

Who should use Pinterest?

The obvious local business to use Pinterest is a restaurant. Pin your most popular dishes or pin the inspirations behind that dish.

What if I am an accountant, how can I use Pinterest?

You don’t have to be a visual business to be on Pinterest. People are searching for information to help them save money, or ideas to be smarter about their taxes—by establishing a Pinterest profile, you enable more people to discover what makes your business stand out.

How do I get Pinterest followers?

Promote through your existing marketing channels, in your store, on your website and on your other social media platforms. Getting your followers involved in your boards (collections of pins) is a great idea for small businesses.

How do I share my location and phone number?

Pinterest just released an update to all 7 million pins currently posted and to all new pins a location and phone number for easy access to pin information.

For local businesses, add your location in the Pin description to improve relevance in Pinterest search results. Pin regularly and make sure your Pins link back to something helpful, such as your website where customers can purchase products.

How can I Network Locally?

Are your customers, your business partners, the restaurant down the street on Pinterest? Look for them (you can use Pinterest’s search or just go to their websites and look for a link). Follow some or all of their boards. Like, re-pin and comment on their pins. Promote their businesses on your local boards. You’ll likely find that they will return the favor!

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