Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Take Full Advantage of Yelp

According to studies, 93% of people who conducted research on a review site also make purchases from the business they look up, Restaurants being the highest converters on Yelp at 78%. Yelp gets a lot of visibility on Google organic search results. It is important that you are taking full advantage of Yelp for your Business.

Find and Claim your Business Page - Respond to viewers as the business owner and Measure visitor activity on your page. According to Yelp, "$8,000 is the average annual incremental revenue generated by a business claiming its free Yelp Business Page." Also, "$23,000 is the average annual revenue from Yelp as reported by Yelp advertisers." Sounds like it is worth the time to claim your Yelp Business Page, if nothing else you have access to your Yelp Analytics.

Free Tools from Yelp - Allows you to fully fill out your business page with business name, address, phone, website, etc. It also allows you to respond to reviews as the business owner. You can upload photos to show off your products and create a Yelp  Deal. 

Yelp Deals are, "...prepaid vouchers that offer consumers an attractive discount (e.g., $10 for $20) at your business. It’s an easy way to give consumers who are already searching for a business like yours an incentive to choose you over the competition. Yelp users can buy your deal or gift certificate directly on your business page via the Yelp website or mobile app."

Yelp Analytics - You get business analytics to track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page.

Finally the free subscription comes with a mobile app to get all of this information on the go.

Self Service Advertising - Wait 30 days from when you sign up to do any advertising. More than likely Yelp will give you $100 or more to test out the self service advertising platform. This level of service from Yelp will remove competitor ads from your business page. You also get the ability to use Yelp SeatMe.

Yelp SeatMe gives restaurants and bars tools for front-of-house management. Yelp Seatme also allows you to capture online reservations without the cover fee, reservations can be taken on Yelp and your own website. Plus you can let people waiting for a table know their table is ready with a quick ping from Yelp SeatMe.

Full Service Yelp - In addition to all the services you receive for the free version of Yelp, the full service version can add a call to action, a slideshow or restrict competitor's ads for a fee of course.

Yelp Review Badges - "You have a website, and you want to show off your Yelp love. Just copy the HTML code next to any of the buttons and paste it into your website. The review counters will update automatically every time a Yelper writes a review of your business."

I got a bad review, what do I do? If your customers have posted legitimate complaints, don’t be afraid to publicly apologize, be sincere. Also, Describe what has been done to correct the problem.

Lastly, you get a weekly update of your analytics sent to you by email. Easily keep track of how many impressions and clicks you get for your Yelp Business Listing.

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