Monday, September 7, 2015

8 Must Use Tools for Social Media

When you are optimizing for Social Media it is always better to use tools that can save you time. Here are 8 tools that can do just that.

Search Marketing City Platform - Manage all your social media and local directories all in one place. Schedule posts and tweets, update the top 4 databases that feed 100s of local directories, and do it anytime 24/7. Also get alerts when new posts, tweets, or reviews show up on your profiles so you can respond quickly. Studies show that after 4 hours an unanswered post can actually hurt brand equity. Finally get leads from Twitter and Facebook to promote your products and services.

Argyle Social - Helps you better understand the value of leads and build stronger relationships. Merge social data with sales numbers to identify prospects.

Facebook Insights - Visualize the last 30 days of your Facebook interactions. This too is free of charge.

Tweet Deck - a desktop solution to monitor and manage Twitter feeds. Also, get notification alerts for new tweets.

Tweepi - Helps you get rid of un-followers and inactives. Plus you can reciprocate followers with the touch of a button. Helps you manage your visibility on Twitter.

Social Bro - Browse your community and identify key influencers, figure out the best time to tweet, track engagement and analyze competitors. Pricing starts at $14/month.

Crowd Booster - Social Media analytics with suggestions and resources to boost online engagement. Get recommendations for tweet timing, audience insights, and content scheduling. Pricing starts at $9 a month.

Tallwind - Track engagement and growth of your Pinterest account. You can also connect Google Analytics to track conversions. Pricing starts at $29/a month although a free version is available.

Found any other great social media tools? Post them in the comments!

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