Saturday, August 8, 2015

Google Upgraded URLs Deadline Close

Starting Early September, Google Adwords will fully transition into Final URL upgrade. This means if you have not upgraded your destination URLs to final URLs your ads may stop running. Google is auto updating all they can. The difference is you have a landing page URL or final URL and tracking parameters. This way you don't have to get ads deleted and re-approved every time you change tracking URLs.

From Google:

Upgraded URLs offer several benefits for advertisers, including: 
  • less time spent managing URL tracking updates
  • reduced crawl and load times on your website
  • new ValueTrack parameters that help you gain additional insights about your ads
Destination URLs today 

If you use URL tracking today, you’ll notice that Destination URLs are made up of two components:
  1. Landing page URL This is the URL that customers see in their browsers when they get to your landing page after clicking on your ad.
  2. Tracking This section includes information like redirects to third party tracking services, ValueTrack parameters, or custom creative IDs.
What’s changing with Upgraded URLs

Upgraded URLs let you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords. Now you have the option to update your tracking information at your account, campaign or ad group without having to re-set your ad stats.

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