Monday, August 10, 2015

Bing Shopping Campaigns for All

Do Google Shopping campaigns perform well? Want to duplicate that success? Bing Shopping campaigns are now live and very similar to Google Shopping. You can even import Google Shopping campaigns into Bing.

"Bing Shopping Campaigns will soon become the default campaign type for running your Product Ads on Bing. The traditional way of managing Product Ads will sunset this fall, so be an early adopter and check out all the new functionality that Bing Shopping Campaigns has to offer right away! Not only will you be able to manage your Product Ads more efficiently, but you’ll beat the transition rush later this year." According to Bing

What Should I know?
You will need to migrate your Bing Shopping campaigns by the deadline, which is this fall. Eventually PLA Campaigns will be removed.


Just recently tried to import my Google Shopping campaigns to Bing, no go. Seems as though Google is playing dirty and made them incompatible with Bing. Bing is trying to catch up. You should be able to import from Google shortly.

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