Monday, May 11, 2015

Measure Cross-Device Conversions in Google Adwords

The customers’ paths to purchase are increasingly complex. Did you know, 9 in 10 consumers start an activity on one device and finish it on another. With the rise of mobile phones, customers switch between devices when researching and buying products/services.

How Do We Measure Cross-Device Conversions in Google Adwords?

Google offers an "Estimated Cross-Device Conversion" metric. It estimates the amount of "Estimated Total Conversions" & "Estimated Total Conversion Rate."

How Does Google Measure Cross-Device Conversions?

A customer must be logged into Google while on both devices. Think about the millions of people that have their Gmail app running in the background on their mobile device. Especially those with Android devices.

Why This Matters for You?

Well, if you are just looking at Click Conversions than you are only seeing half the picture. Also, you are not fully attributing conversions between multiple devices. What if a large amount of your mobile traffic converts on the desktop. You may shift all your budget to desktop and cut off your conversion volume.

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