Monday, May 25, 2015

Google Shopping comes to YouTube

Ads for related products will dynamically display in cards alongside retailer's YouTube videos.

Google is bringing its product listing ad format to YouTube video ads.

The new YouTube ads are the result of an integration with Google Shopping’s technology and is built on the cards platform that YouTube introduced in March 2015. Cards, which will eventually replace annotations, were extended to TrueView ads last month. Cards display as an overlay alongside a video on desktop and tablet and below a video on smartphones. Now, with TrueView for Shopping, retailers can feature related product ads in these cards.The product images and details are passed via the first integration of Google Merchant Center with YouTube. When users click on one of the product ads they are taken to the retailer’s website.

Targeting Includes Dynamic Remarketing
Once advertisers link their video campaign with a feed in Merchant Center and set up the cards, products are dynamically added to their in-stream videos based on standard TrueView targeting features including contextual and audience signals such as topic areas, geography and demographics.

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