Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yahoo Gemini - How Did I Start Showing ads on Yahoo Gemini?

What is Yahoo Gemini?
Yahoo Gemini is a PPC platform and the first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. Great, but what you might not know is you may already be opted into Yahoo Gemini for PPC without even knowing it.

Bing Mobile & Yahoo Gemini
If you are currently running ads on Bing Mobile, you are probably running ads on Yahoo Gemini. In March of 2014 Yahoo began auto opting in advertisers from Bing to Yahoo Ad Manager. Yahoo slowly migrated people over to Yahoo Gemini throughout 2014. The only way you would find out is if you looked at your Bing PPC invoice closely.

What about optimizations on Yahoo Gemini?
Yahoo starts your account in a read only state. Every change you make in Bing Ad Marketplace is duplicated over to Yahoo Gemini. You can opt into making changes directly in Yahoo by calling cQualified at 925-381-7921, you will need a dedicated yahoo email address to start.

What Native Advertising Does Yahoo Offer?
Yahoo Ad Manager also offers native advertising in-stream, usually in news content.

Stream Ads appear front and center across major Yahoo sites by naturally blending into the content streams viewed by users.  They’re served in the personalized content streams of major properties including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Mail, and more.
Image Ads harness the beauty of HD images for vivid, personal, and emotional brand storytelling. Image Ads are served within native image environments across Yahoo properties and Flickr, such as photo galleries and slideshows. - Yahoo Advertising

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