Monday, April 27, 2015

Call Out Extensions from Google Adwords: The Rundown

Call Out Extensions is another ad extension from Google Adwords. Call Out Extensions highlights what’s best about your brand, product or service. Think bullet points, not complete sentences. You can choose to create Callout Extensions at either the account, campaign or ad group level (ad group level will trump those at the campaign level, campaign level trumps account level call out extensions). 

Think of it as an additional 25 (x3) characters to talk about your product or service. Rotate up to 20 different call outs per campaign or ad group. You can also choose to show on Desktop/Tablet or only on Mobile devices. According to Google:

Key Features:
Highlight and “call out” value-added attributes to attract and inform users
Keep the user focused on the main message, without requirement for linking to sub-products
Provides complementary, additive information provided by other ad extensions

Sample Call Out Extension:

When to Use Sitelinks?
When you want to link deeper into the user flow. When you want to give the user a quick preview of the different pages on your website. When you want to give the user multiple options for interacting with your website.

The Results:
Our client saw good results using Call Out Extensions, when they were actually shown. Only 2% of the impressions shown in Google Adwords search results were accompanied by Call Out Extensions. However, Click Thru Rate was 248% higher with Call Out Extensions than without.

The Final Word:

With Ad Extensions playing a significant role in ad rank, it is important to use Call Out Extensions. Especially since they are shown along-side other extensions including sitelinks. This could be the difference between you or your competitor showing up in top position for your top keywords. 

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