Monday, May 21, 2012

Expedite Image Ad Reviews on Google Adwords

Did you just upload image ads to your Google Adwords account? Most reviews take 3 to 5 days from upload but sometimes the Google image ad review team gets backed up. If your ads have been under review for more than 3 business days you can contact Google directly and ask for an expedited image ad review.

Expedite Image Ad Reviews for Google Adwords
If your ads have been under review for more than 3 business days, you can send your ad review request to the Google ad review team directly via this link: 

Enter the following information and get a response within 1 business day:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Contact Email
- Telephone Number (optional)
- Adwords Login Email
- Adwords MMC Login (if applicable)
- AdWords customer/child account ID
- Attach a screenshot of the page where you see an error message or encounter a problem (optional)
- Ad Group Names
- Campaign Name (Enter request for one campaign at a time, even though you can enter multiple campaign names)

Over-Write Old Ad or Create New Ad?
Google also says, "When you submit new ads or make changes to existing ads, they're automatically submitted for review. We work to review all ads in our program as quickly as possible, usually within 3 business days. While some ads can run on Google before they're reviewed, no ad will run on our search partners or Display Network until after they've been reviewed and approved. To avoid an interruption to your ad delivery in the future, consider creating a new ad rather than editing an existing ad. This process will help ensure that one ad keeps running while your new ad is under review. Once the new ad is approved, you can delete the old ad."

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to see how these ads appear on Google.

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