Sunday, November 20, 2011

My cQualified Website was Hacked

This is a warning to all that run a website, regardless of the platform you use. It is very important to review your site once a week to make sure that your website has not been hacked (or that you don't have broken links, steady reduction in traffic, no index tags or website redirect loops).

My cQualified Website was Hacked

Thanks to Atlantic Drugs online atlantic-drugs(dot)net, I found three links in one of my blog articles to their website. Of course I didn't let them do this. How can you prevent this from happening?

1) Use a password with upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols
2) Change your login on a regular basis
3) Try not to use robot password tools
4) Don't keep files on your computer titled "My Passwords"

SEO is Ranking Insurance too

Not only is SEO about improving search rankings, an SEO consultant can also monitor your ranking and traffic to identify problems. I have seen homepages get "too many redirects" causing a redirect loop. A few years ago, a client blocked their whole website with a robots.txt file (when updating your website with a dev site, make sure to not upload the dev site's robots.txt).

Getting de-indexed from Google by spam tactics is not the only reason your URLs disappear from the index. Without an SEO consultant your website is in jeopardy. I have seen it all. We know what steps to take and places to look if your website rankings, traffic, or URLs disappear from Google organic search results.

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