Saturday, October 1, 2011

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels: Last-Click Attribution is Dead

If a tree falls in the forest and Google Analytics is their to hear it, does it make an impression. Corney, I know but this is a great example of the issue with last-click attribution. We all know that most conversions take more than one touchpoint. Just because Google Analytics doesn't record those touchpoints for conversion click-paths doesn't mean you shouldn't spend time and money on those top of funnel search queries.

Google is now a player in multi-attribution analytics. With the full roll-out of the new Google Analytics features including the My Conversion tab on Google Analytics it is much easier to understand the click-path of a conversion. Obviously Google Analytics needs much more work to compete with other specialty analytics packages that can tell you the exact search query that triggered the multi-touch.

First-Click & Last-Click Attribution is Dead
Just because Google doesn't attribute conversions to general organic search queries, Google Remarketing and other top of funnel search queries doesn't mean that they are not integral in the conversion process. This at least confirms that the first-click, last-click attribution models are dead.

Traditional Marketing Executives

Before Internet Marketing, most marketing executives would say, "I know I am wasting 50% of my budget but I don't know which half." Well now you have a little bit more insight into the conversion process and that it is made up of multiple touchpoints from multiple channels.

Multi-Channel Buying Cycle
Don't forget that the buying cycle includes more than just online channels. Consider all online and offline channels when building multi-channel funnels.

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