Monday, July 25, 2011

Similar Users Beta, Deep URL PPC Beta & Google Adwords Express

Have you noticed that Google is making it too easy to mess up your great PPC strategy, quality scores and campaigns?

Similar Users Beta
Introduced a couple months ago was the Similar Users Beta for Google Adwords. This Beta looked at your Remarketing audience and served PPC ads to similar users in the Google Content Network. I call it Modified Broad Match Content Advertising. Still just a shotgun blast at the Google Content Network however it is based on a profile of your Remarketing audience.

Deep URL PPC Beta
Recently Google had introduced a new Beta that offers the ability for Google Adwords to crawl your website and PPC campaigns to identify deep pages on your website that are similar to your PPC campaign but not showing optimally for long-tail search queries. The idea is to match up long-tail search queries with your deep content to pay less for a click. That is instead of paying Phrase Match CPC prices, you would magically pay Exact Match CPC prices. All that is going to happen is your PPC campaign will get a bunch more clicks (Hooray for Google!) and you are going to need a ridiculous amount of negative keywords.

Google Adwords Express
Put your local adwords ad into Google Adwords Express and allow Google to choose when to show your ad in local search results. Google Adwords promises that it will only show your ads when it is relevant to a searches query. Again, a modified broad match style of local advertising on Google.

My Advice
If you don't have time to build out your PPC campaigns properly and have to use the preceding Betas and new local advertising interface, you are wasting money. How much you are wasting depends on the spend, geo-targeting of your PPC campaigns. As well as the amount of pages indexed for the Deep URL PPC Beta.

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