Saturday, July 23, 2011

SEO is a Company-Wide Initiative

Good SEO starts from the top and works its way down the company. The SEO Expert needs help from everyone at a company to get the most out of SEO. SEO is a company-wide initiative. There are many departments outside of the Search Engine Marketing Department that can help with SEO.

IT Department
Much of what this department does is directly related to SEO. When uploading products to a website, the most important SEO variables are under their control. This team will supply the URL structure, Meta Data, and Body Content. Without proper training for SEO best practices, you end up doing every task twice.

This department is also responsible for getting the website crawled properly and the decision on whether to use AJAX, JavaScript, Flash, CSS or traditional HTML. They are also responsible for on-site sitemaps and XML sitemaps. This is a great opportunity to improve website crawlability to improve indexing.

Advertising Department
Links are the life blood of organic rankings, in the eyes of Google. This department has a direct link with industry websites, blogs, and industry experts. If they are not asking for added value links for sponsorships and print advertising, SEO will suffer greatly.

Public Relations Department
Another important link building tactic, press releases. Without knowledge of proper SEO optimization of a press release, you might as well just throw the $300 for a press release distribution out the window.

Merchandising & Promotions Department
This department is responsible for sponsorships and in-person displays. Link building from these activities can also help with SEO rankings.

The Bottom Line

SEO is a company-wide initiative that needs to be a priority for everyone. Google organic rankings are important for any company. Without the help of everyone at a company thinking about SEO best practices as they work, your organic rankings will suffer.

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