Thursday, March 3, 2011

Social Media: The Next Generation

Social Media is going where no one has gone before, well maybe a few. A couple of social media communities that have been around for a while but are finally starting to get some buzz behind them are Groupon & Foursquare.

Groupon - Hit the ground running during the 2011 Super Bowl with an ad placement costing millions. With many copy cats, Groupon improved on an idea many companies like Woot currently tout. It seems Groupon has become the Google of community discounts.

Foursquare - Hit my radar when I was watching Nova ScienceNow on PBS and saw Forsquare co-promoted with the History Channel. Apparently they have been working together since April 2010. Must have been living under a rock. Foursquare could be a Twitter killer? The bottom line is Foursquare actually offers information, discounts, as well as community connection. Taking Twitter's idea of 140 characters and your imagination to the next level (generation), Foursquare is offering something everyone might use for more than a couple months.

Two social media communities to check out and to reach more of your customers online or smartphone. Live long and prosper!

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