Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 SEM Books You Should Have Read

Weading through the massive amount of books written on Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization can be difficult and time consuming. Here are the 4 SEM books you should have read by now:

1) The Art of SEO - Although published in early 2010, this SEO book is still a must read and a great companion when a refresher is needed on any SEO topic.

2) Advanced Google Adwords - Start to finish, the most you will ever learn about PPC from a book. You have to go out and do it to become a true Advanced Google Adwords professional, but this is a great book to get you to an intermediate level.

3) Social Media Marketing The Next Generation of Business Engagement - This is the first book that goes beyond just defining social media (like the hundreds of books published on social media before) and actually offers a plan of action. A great all around social media knowledge center, taking social media beyond Facebook & Twitter.

4) Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day - Dropping April 2011, I already pre-ordered this book from Sybex. Can't wait to crack this sucker open.

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