Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Color Marketing, the iPod Generation

Many new products take after the smartest marketer of Y2K, Apple's iPod Collection. With sleek lines and a color pallet that will catch anyone's attention, the Apple iPod is a staple in how to creating a Wow Factor with "Color Marketing."

Color Marketing Nostalgia
We all remember studies in the 50s & 60s about the identification of colors that best induce hunger and thirst, by our fellow fast food industry giants. Red, Yellow, Orange & Brown (and calm shades of blue) winning the color fast food race, we are now inundated with fast food restaurants looking to find the color holy grail. McDonald's with Yellow & Red, Burger King choosing Orange & Brown (and a calm blue), plus KFC dawning a bright red. Many restaurants followed in the fast food giants footsteps, using Color Marketing to win the fast food franchise war.

The iPod Generation
Color Marketing can be seen in many new product lines in all product categories. No longer is email, display, search, and traditional marketing the platform for many new products; Color is taking the drivers seat. Reviving the old Fast Food style of color Marketing, Apple has created revolutionary brands around color and design.

A Color Revolution
Not surprisingly, the Apple iPad 2 continues the tradition of color marketing. Apple let's you take your pick of ten bright colors — five in rich, aniline-dyed Italian leather.

The Flux Chair
A company that has taken a page from the iPod color pallet is Flux, the creator of the Flux Chair. On the basis of building a modern classic out of a unique design and bright color, Flux is following in the footsteps of one of the more notorious Color Marketers of our generation, Apple.

With a unique origami twist on the modern outdoor chair, the Flux Chair comes in a color pallet Apple would be proud of. And at only $199, you have a choice of buying an iPod that will be outdated in the next few years or owning a new Modern Classic from Flux.

With color playing an even bigger role in the marketing world, I am surprised we don't see more marketing experts working on their psychology degree. We all can admit that we have a favorite color and I am one to raise my hand and say, "I don't know why I like a color over another, I guess it just feels right."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nova sceinceNow Wednesday on PBS

Although it has been on air for centuries it is still as good as ever. You may laugh that Nova is "the highest rated science series on television and the most watched documentary series on public television" but it is a much watch.

What's The Next Big Thing?

Is it Science Fiction or Reality? Built in the vision of cars from many a sci-fi movie, including Minority Report (but not as sleek and sexy), the "Next Big Thing" in cars is the GM EN-V, a two-wheeled, battery-powered car that drives autonomously. Enjoy this click from PBS:

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Social Robots - "Would you want a robotic friend who could chitchat, do chores, even take care of you? Such bots may be here soon." Talk about the movie iRobot, Will Smith would be worried. Nova talks about the future of social electronics and a very smart grid. Futuristic or a world we already live in...Droid.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Social Media: The Next Generation

Social Media is going where no one has gone before, well maybe a few. A couple of social media communities that have been around for a while but are finally starting to get some buzz behind them are Groupon & Foursquare.

Groupon - Hit the ground running during the 2011 Super Bowl with an ad placement costing millions. With many copy cats, Groupon improved on an idea many companies like Woot currently tout. It seems Groupon has become the Google of community discounts.

Foursquare - Hit my radar when I was watching Nova ScienceNow on PBS and saw Forsquare co-promoted with the History Channel. Apparently they have been working together since April 2010. Must have been living under a rock. Foursquare could be a Twitter killer? The bottom line is Foursquare actually offers information, discounts, as well as community connection. Taking Twitter's idea of 140 characters and your imagination to the next level (generation), Foursquare is offering something everyone might use for more than a couple months.

Two social media communities to check out and to reach more of your customers online or smartphone. Live long and prosper!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SEOMoz: New Pro Level TBA

I <3 SEO moz

As a smaller advertiser I find the Pro subscription to track 250 keywords is not enough to get rankings for my complete SEO keyword list, but paying for the Pro Elite subscription for $499 a month to track 2,000 keywords is also a no go.

New Pro Level TBA in 2011
After talking with a SEOMoz Rep, she informed me that SEOMoz is considering an intermediate subscription costing $199 a month (tracking 1,000 keywords). I said, "Yes please." However, SEOMoz is still contemplating offering this subscription level. Like me, if you want this subscription level, please contact your SEOMoz Rep and tell them Alan asked you to request this $199 subscription level. The more money they see on the table, the quicker they will roll out this new Pro subscription level to all of us!

Open Explorer Tool
If you haven't yet tried SEOMoz Tools and Pro Dashboard, you have to take the 30 day free trial. Just the Open Explorer Tool alone (for link building) is worth the $99 a month, plus you get access to 30 other SEM tools. That is better than a poke from a stick in the eye!

4 SEM Books You Should Have Read

Weading through the massive amount of books written on Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization can be difficult and time consuming. Here are the 4 SEM books you should have read by now:

1) The Art of SEO - Although published in early 2010, this SEO book is still a must read and a great companion when a refresher is needed on any SEO topic.

2) Advanced Google Adwords - Start to finish, the most you will ever learn about PPC from a book. You have to go out and do it to become a true Advanced Google Adwords professional, but this is a great book to get you to an intermediate level.

3) Social Media Marketing The Next Generation of Business Engagement - This is the first book that goes beyond just defining social media (like the hundreds of books published on social media before) and actually offers a plan of action. A great all around social media knowledge center, taking social media beyond Facebook & Twitter.

4) Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day - Dropping April 2011, I already pre-ordered this book from Sybex. Can't wait to crack this sucker open.