Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Negative Keyword Tool - Wordpress

I was reading SearchEngineLand and I got really excited about the "First Free Negative Keyword Tool" offered by Wordpress. I immediately clicked through to the Sphinn, then clicked to the Wordpress Blog, and finally to the Tool (fhew!). Wow, it looked so cool and then (no and then!)...I started using it. Granted it is an easier way to get Wordpress keyword suggestions and choose whether the keyword is relevant or not, but this is really nothing new (just a repackaged tool with a really interesting name). Will I use it in the future? Probably not, but if it suites you then check it out. More than likely it will be free for a couple of months and then a paid tool.

My Negative Keyword Tool
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Remember "free" doesn't always mean good, unless you are talking about chocolate cake...that is good!

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