Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CNBC: Must See TV (Part 3)

With the introduction of the Google Nexus One, Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution (Premieres Thursday, January 7th, 2010 on CNBC 10pm PST)is already outdated but should be a good hour about how the App Revolution has changed our everyday lives. I know that my iPhone goes everywhere with me and is a part of much of my day.

MacHeads: Welcome To Macintosh
MacHEADS explores the world of Mac, a cultural phenomena that created a cult fan base, and made Steve Jobs a modern day hero in the process. Although many MacHEADS are disappointed with the new "Apple Inc" as they removed Computers from the corporate name. Many say that the Mac culture is dead and replaced with a company, but hasn't it always been a company?

The same folks that would never use any other computer than a Mac are replaced with consumers that have no allegiance to the Mac brand. They own an iPod or iPhone but are not fanatical about the Mac Brand.

Inside the Mind of Google
A rare look at the world's most powerful technology company the Google Internet search engine. Google changed the way we interact with information, the Internet, and each other. See how Google came to dominate the search industry and how the company plans to address arguably the biggest controversy in today's digital age: privacy.

Did you know that Google wanted to sell the search engine to Yahoo! in the late '90s but Yahoo! refused (suckers!). What was once an idea in the minds of two Stanford graduates, Google has become the most widely recognized logo in the world.

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