Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CNBC: Must See TV (Part 2)

Executive Vision

The series, hosted by CNBC’s Melissa Francis and Simon Hobbs, is broadcast globally across the CNBC network. Reruns play on Tuesday's at 10pm PST.

Episode #1 The Blueprint for Breakthrough Leadership: Health Care

Episode #2 Navigating the New Leadership Landscape:Retail

Episode #3 Building a Global Leadership Brand: Technology

Episode #4 Leading in an Interconnected World: Transportation

Episode #5 Being a Leader - A Job That's Never Done: Energy

The most interesting episode of the bunch is Episode 3 about technology and building a global leadership brand.

In Episode 3, Executive Vision explored the following leadership themes:

- Leading with passion
- Taking calculated risks to get ahead
- Motivating and inspiring teams for success
- Leading in competitive times
- Staying relevant as technology changes

Marissa Mayer is "one of the most powerful women of her generation." The 20th employee at Google and its first woman engineer - she's now one of its most influential leaders. As Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, Mayer puts her stamp of approval on virtually everything you see on the search site.

A Stanford alumn, Mayer joined Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page how famously started Google in a Stanford dorm room. Marissa Mayer decided to pick Google over multiple offers from other Fortune 500 companies because she wanted to work with the best and brightest, at the time that was Sergey and Larry.

Also chiming in was Jimmy Wales. He turned his vision of a world in which everyone has free access to all knowledge – into the collaborative phenomenon Wikipedia. He’s now bringing people together through the web-hosting service Wikia.

Jimmy Wales Wikipedia page says, "Wales is a self-avowed 'Objectivist to the core'; Objectivism being a rationalist and individualist philosophy developed by writer Ayn Rand in the 20th century."

Other executives (including Dr. Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer, EADS; Bill McDermott, President, Global Field Operations, SAP; Gerald Quindlen, President & CEO, Logitech; Ram Shriram, and Founder, Sherpalo Ventures) offered their vision in a round table discussion about being a leader, and inspiring teams for success.

A must watch if you haven't been lucky enough yet. Executive Vision gets my highest recommendation, a real must watch!

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