Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CNBC: Must See TV (Part 1)

If you love business and marketing as much as I do, you have to start watching the following show on CNBC:

The Business of Innovation

Hosted by Maria Bartiromo, get access to what's happening in cities across the world. Whether it is redefining healthcare, reshaping cities, or my favorite of the three-part series, rethinking work; The Business of Innovation aggregates some of the brightest minds of our time to solve the most pressing questions on all of our minds.

Episode 3 (rethinking work) offers a peek into offices and classrooms of the future that will help us solve the following problem; “each week, more than 40% of employees use incorrect information to make decisions, thereby wasting time and resources.” Thought leaders including James Surowiecki, Author of "Wisdom of Crowds," shows us that the solo expert model must change to a group think model. The wisdom of groups, with diverse backgrounds, can solve a problem and make better decisions than just one expert.

Showcased as an example of the group think model was InnoCentive, an open innovation platform for external experts to solve corporate challenges. With time to market a more important factor in success than security of ideas, many external experts are looking for methods to analyze consumer emotions, environmentally friendly bottle Caps, and turf treatment granules with increased adherence to foliage, to name a few challenges.

Re-runs show on CNBC Monday’s at 10pm PST of this interesting and hopefully continuing show about the Business of Innovation. Stay tuned for more great shows and documentaries from CNBC.

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