Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's a Crackberry? Internet Slang Part 1

With new technology and social networks comes new slang words.

Twitterer or Tweeter - Someone that uses to keep in touch with friends. Are you a Tweeter?

Twuet - Having sent a Tweet recently to a friend. LOL {Used in a sentence} "Did you just twuet?"

Crackberry - Are you addicted to your BlackBerry? Then it's your Crackberry.

Rim-Shout - Sending a shout out to all your friends on your Rim Blackberry.

Linkedin - Are you part of your inner circle of business professionals, then you are Linkedin!

Bitchmeme - Group dialogue on a single topic, often kicked off by one blogger’s rant.

Yelper - Someone that is part of the Yelp! community.

Yelping - Leaving a review on Yelp! for a community business or professional.

Any other funny slang words. Rim-Shout-out!

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