Saturday, January 24, 2009

Virtual Media: Unemployment's Solution

Many loose their jobs as the financial industry falls and the brick-and-mortar retail world crumbles. What are the jobless to do? A growing industry is virtual media. The Internet is taking away jobs from brick-and-mortars but the appetite for Internet media is growing exponentially.

Amateur Media Goes Mainstream
With the influx of amateur news at and Internet episodes on YouTube, TV viewers want millions of choices for entertaining content and news that is not satisfied by current Dish and Cable TV providers. People from different countries are moving around the world and their media content isn't.

This means you can produce your own content and support it with advertising, thanks to the Internet. Choose a topic you are interested in and produce news, episodes, or infomercials. For now it can be a side job to make some money until you find a new job. In a year or so you will be able to access any content anywhere with your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Use a special box, like the one from Roku, and you can watch this content on your home's TV.

A Web Cam and a Dream
Unemployment is a problem but the solution is learning new talents to supply the demand. In this case it takes a web cam or camcorder and a good idea for Internet content. Add advertising and you have a great part-time job.

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