Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl Ads: A Captive Audience

With the Super Bowl on the heals of the NFL Divisional Playoffs, I sit in a sports bar getting ready for a good old football time. Many times people have access to a TV remote and can change the channel during commercials or use Tivo to delay the game and skip over commercials. What about all those NFL fans that are away from home, in bars, at a friend's house, or watching on their mobile device? A captive audience for football fun and super bowl ads. Reuters reports that a 30-second 2009 Super Bowl Ad will run you $3 million.

Super Bowl Ads of the Past
Everyone remembers the Go Daddy girl commercial in 2005. It single handedly
launched Go Daddy as the premiere web host on the Internet. This commercial made Go Daddy a household name and they didn't stop from their. Every year since they capitalize on the success of the 2005 Super Bowl Ad with another just as funny.

Super Bowl Ads for 2009
Of course we will see another Go Daddy ad with "Danica get's steamy." Hyundai will join the elite with a Super Bowl Ad to promote the Genesis Coupe. One notorious Super Bowl advertiser, Fedex, will be opting out of the $3 million ad. What funny Super Bowl ad will take their place?

The newest trend in Super Bowl ads is a 3D ad to promote DreamWorks' movie trailer for Monsters and Aliens and a Sobe ad to be named later. Over 125 million 3D glass were distributed for this monumental event. You can save your 3D glasses and watch My Bloody Valentine or break out your copy of Rad Racer for the original Nintendo NES.

Get your engines started and get ready for this race.

Check out a collage of 2008 Super Bowl Ads:

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