Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Initiatives & Red Economies Don't Always Mix

Being green in a down economy isn't always that easy. Yes you want to conserve energy, use less water, use mass transit to get to work, but green products aren't always the least expensive alternative. Shopped at specialty stores and gourmet food store lately? Yeah they offer healthy and eco-friendly alternatives to many cheap products and foods but specialty usually means expensive.

Business As Usual, As Green As Possible

Especially in this down economy you still may need to print reports for clients, keep lights on so workers can get their jobs done (without a lot of optomitrist appointments with employees complaining about strained eyes), and run massive servers to keep computers going.

Ask yourself this, if you can either choose to go out of business and layoff thousands "or" be the greenest company on the planet, which one would you choose? Point made. Be green, but be smart.

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