Monday, October 13, 2008, The Saga Continues

So today, you guessed it, I got a call from a sales rep at with a message that got cut off before he got to the end of the call and didn't leave a phone number so I could call him back and tell him to stop calling me.

I understand that someone applies for a free listing at and they want to up-sell you to the paid search portion of the website. I get that but I got over 12 calls in a matter of two weeks from 5 different representatives from Sure I am in the Search Engine Marketing industry and I may have contacts with other local search marketers that could use Stop calling me, this is just like Dell Hell. I submitted a listing to and no sales calls.

While I am on the topic, please go out and use, but please whatever you do don't apply for a free listing with All you will get is sales call after sales call. Even if you return the calls and tell them you are not interested, more and more calls.

Stop Calling Me! Please, stop!

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Unknown said...

So what did they try to sell you? I had a similar experience with a client I was working with on an ad campaign online. So what about your free listing on superpages?