Sunday, October 5, 2008 No Free Lunch (or Listings)

After researching local directories I came upon They offer a free listing to local businesses, so I submitted my name and information. I think to myself, great a free listing in in my local area.

No Free Lunches (or Listings)

The day after I submitted my "free" listing I get a voice message from a salesperson. Ok they want to thank me for applying for a free listing (I delete the message and move on). The second day, I get another voice message from a salesperson. Day 3, a voice message from a different salesperson. Day 4, you guessed it a voice message from a salesperson. Day 5, oh my, another voice message from a salesperson.

Day 6, I finally pick up the phone when a salesperson calls me. I answer the phone and get an angry salesperson saying, "Are you Alan Rothstein." Yahda, Yahda, Yahda, is this your primary business phone. I say, "No this is a supplemental business phone, etc." Needless to say I get a lot of weird, specific questions about my business practices and why I don't want to use for more than just a free listing. I finally cut the conversation short and the salesperson finally thanks me and hangs up.

Day 7, finally no voice message from Was the free listing worth the hassle and multiple voice messages on my phone? Well, the listing was definitely not "free." Submit your "free" listing to at your own discretion.

UPDATE - Day 10, calls to say that my listing is incomplete and that I need to call to rectify the situation. Day 10.9 I deleted my listing on Stop Calling Me!

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