Monday, August 25, 2008

2009 Search Trends: Like BK, Have It Your Way

If you are used to walking into Burger King and having it your way than you are going to like the 2009 trends in news search and content consumption.

Eight years ago MSNBC and many other 24 hour news TV channels got a much needed boost in viewership, launching them into what we now know as "news all day, every day." Four years ago bloggers and online news portals got the boost they needed to go mainstream with the shear amount of political news readers that shut down servers left and right for online news website including and The Onion.

What is in store for late 2008 and 2009?

Live streaming news, lets you keep up-to-date with the presidential election (and shortly after everyday news). Internet television is in it's infancy and many of us are watching movies and television shows on demand with services like NetFlix and Websites offering live streaming news mashups will help you keep track of your news (and have it your way).

How about those that aren't iPhone enabled?

Personalized news search, think RSS feeds, widgets, and personalized home pages. How can you capitalize on this future trend? Content consumers will get used to building their personalized home page with iGoogle, chocked full of RSS feeds and widgets. Help customize their content consumption and news habits with your own RSS feeds, widgets, and iGoogle gallery submissions.

As social bookmarking begins it's decline and users become less satisfied with traditional online news sources, what will reign supreme this election year 2008? Bet it sets the standard for news consumption for the next four years.


Jamie R said...

Why do you think social bookmarking will decline? It has barely got going..

I have been saying that social bookmarking will lift off at some point when the likes of Yahoo properly integrate Delicious and Google promote their web bookmarking tool.

Very interested to see why you think they are headed for a fall. :-)

Alan Rothstein said...

Early last year (2007), social bookmarks were quickly listed in Google search results when they were fresh, also from an SEO perspective they didn't have "no follow" tags. Now social network profiles update in Google quickly when fresh (instead of social bookmarks), and popular social bookmark sites have "no follow" tags.

Social bookmarking sites are dominated by spam and users that push up their own bookmarks. They are run by the minority.

Video will begin to dominate, especially in the news arena.

Further many blog pinger tools are broken or abandoned.

More than anything, Google is king and if they don't rank social bookmarks prominently in search results, people will use whatever Google gives them.

Unknown said...

Its have been suggested bthat social bookmarking is dominated by spams.

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