Saturday, August 23, 2008

10 Google Tools For SEO Professionals

As a Search Engine Optimization professional you can always use a few good Google tools. Here are 10 Google tools for SEO professionals, that will actually help you optimize websites.

1) Google YouTube Video Channel - Google updates their official YouTube channel on a daily basis with product demos, guest speakers, webcasts, and more. Get Google news and information from the source.

2) The Official Google Blog - "Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture."

3) Matt Cutts Official Blog - Learn from Matt Cutts about gadgets, google, and SEO. Some very informative information about Google, the Google algorithm, and SEO for more prominent search rankings.

4) Google Developers YouTube Video Channel - Are you a web developer? Want to get some information and news directly from Google developers? Watch videos about coding, learn about Android, and set by the CampFire with Googlers.

5) Google Webmaster Central Blog - "Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index."

6) Google Dance Tool - Ping three different Google data centers and see if Google is updating their search algorithm.

7) Google Maps for Enterprise - Web-based mapping technologies to internal websites for any organization to use.

8) Google Mini - Access to relevant and secure searches across intranets, file servers, and business applications.

9) Google Ad Planner - A free Media Planning Tool to help refine your online advertising.

10) Google Search Appliance - Integrated hardware and software product is designed to give businesses the productivity-enhancing power of Google search.

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