Friday, July 25, 2008

SMX Local & Mobile Recap

If a panelist at a conference says something, does it make it the truth? The lowdown on SMX Local & Mobile is that much of the opinion was presented as fact. It is not to say that there wasn’t some golden nuggets of information.

The Local & Mobile Conundrum

Not only is it hard to reach your target audience with traditional search but take in consideration that your mobile consumers are moving from one place to another. Mobile Search Marketing is a moving target and the only way we are going to deliver truly targeted mobile advertising to our consumers is with a little help from our friends (Big Brother that is). Cell tower and IP address targeting are a good start but like many panelists alluded to; it would be nice to know where the consumer is travel to or from, the time of day, and what your current purchase behaviors are to better target your mobile search experience.

Some of the stand-outs from the SMX Local & Mobile Conference included:

Gib Olander

David Mihm

Bryson Meunier

Raj Singh

Cindy Krum

The main theme that ran through the conference was that your mobile and local strategy depends on a lot of factors including how much time you have to experiment with the mobile vertical, whether it makes sense stacked up against other options for your ROAS, the products and services your business offers, and most importantly your consumer base. If your users are mobile consumers they are more likely to use the mobile vertical, making both Natural and Paid Mobile Search more important to reach this moving mobile target.

If you are looking to access the presentations from SMX Local & Mobile you are in good company (if the login is needed you can leave a comment or email me). Hopefully next year mobile will have evolved enough so that the SMX Local & Mobile Conference is more mobile and less local.

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