Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When Subject Experts Speak Community Members Listen

63% of people trust the recommendation or review by a known expert (Forrester: Leveraging User-Generated Content, January 2007).

When Subject Experts Speak Community Members Listen

Traditional online advertising is a push tactic and a monologue, pushing advertising on users. What if there was a way to get consumers to listen and ask for your advertisement? Participating in Yahoo! Answers is one way to answer questions and become the subject expert on a topic. Many people don't have time to browse through a hundred thousand answers to find what they are looking for.

Target Niche Networks

If you are a physician or health care professional participate in online networks that focus on health and wellness (TheWellnessCommunity.com and Sermo). Are you a financial advisor? Participate in Linkedin and some niche financial networks. As a business professional you are the subject expert in your industry. People are actively looking for information and recommendations when they visit social networks. Take advantage of this active participation and satisfy the consumers wants and needs. Who knows, they may tell a friend or family member about you.

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