Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The SEO Bible: Most Recommended By Amazon

If you are looking for a Search Engine Optimization book on Amazon, what additional SEO books will Amazon make a personal recommendation for? Use TouchGraph's Amazon Browser, it reveals the intricate network structure within purchase pattern recommendations at Amazon.

The Center of Amazon's SEO Book Universe

The book that has the highest ranking on Amazon considering the purchase pattern recommendations, for books related to the search query SEO, is the SEO Bible. Is it the best book on the shelf about SEO? Have you purchased the SEO Bible? Many Amazon shoppers have and the advanced technology of the TouchGraph offers insight into purchase patterns for books on Amazon. And it makes recommendations on the most popular books to boot.

History in the Making

Up until now the TouchGraph technology was visually appealing however not too advance because you can see the same information with Google's related search operator. This tool was more of a show and tell for TouchGraph's product line. However, now with the Amazon book search and the Facebook picture feature you can actually get some hard to find information. The Facebook TouchGraph tool lets you see how your friends are connected, and who has the most photos together.

TouchGraph, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are taking research to a more visible level and offering some interesting insight into book purchases, photo sharing, and related websites. Hopefully we will see more of this kind of technology available to the public from TouchGraph.

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