Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pay For Answers Model - Human Powered Search

I have recently noticed search results including pay for answer landing pages from human powered search. You pay $10 to ask a question and see what the answer is for similar questions. Although many people want to pay for answers to their technical questions, do these listings make good organic search results?

Excel Formulas for $10

I recently searched in Google for an Excel formula and typed in a "How to" search query. The first search result looked promising, so I thought I should click on this. It stated in the top left-hand corner that I could pay $10 and see the answer to similar questions and ask my own question on this topic. The only way I would pay $10 for this is if I was on deadline and needed it right away. But I ask you, is this the best "organic" search listing for a Google search query?

Many of these landing pages should be part of paid search results. I almost expect that I will have to pay for something, if I click on a paid search result. Maybe Google needs to change the algorithm to identify these pay for answer search queries in organic search results. I don't however have a problem with services including JustAnswer because they offer an archive of answers with the ability to ask follow up questions for a fee. At least you get to see older answers for free.

Something for Google to think about in the next search algorithm update.


Anonymous said...

don't stop to learn more..and more..keep a good job yeahhh

Steve Mills said...

Yes they aren't really the best organic results. if it is the top result it should at least provide the answer you are after on the first page