Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Google Search, 3 out of 4 Doctors Approve

As my primary care physician walked into the exam room, I saw something out of place. Remember the Highlights we enjoyed as a kid, they asked "What is wrong with this picture?" I saw my doctor tapping this high tech machine, I squinted (not the optometrist office mind you) and saw that my doctor was using a computer to keep track of my vitals and make notes in my file. Hopefully they don't put Iron Mountain out of business.

Search Engine Optimization that Saves Lives

74% of doctors say they used a search engine to find prescription drug information monthly (or more often). 77% of doctors find clinical information monthly (or more often). The shocking thing is that only 37% of doctors plan to use specialized health search engines more often during the coming year.

If doctors find the best results on Google, this further validates the accuracy of Google search results. It is fair to assume that our doctors are searching Google and clicking on one of the many health related verticals that prominently rank in the search results.

Health Care Brand Advocates

So if you are a drug company or pharmaceutical distributor traditional search engine optimization may be more important than ever. To get your product in front of the health care industries' brand advocates it is a good idea to supplement the in-person efforts of pharmaceutical sales with a savvy SEM strategy.

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Devin Davis said...

It's interesting that the use of Google extends to the medical profession. I would think there would be a developed database (online or otherwise) for that sort of thing. But then, what's more developed than Google?